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A Global Calendar of Veterinary Events
  • VetContact provides this calendar free of charge as a special service to the veterinary profession.

  • VetAgenda.com is available in six user languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

  • Four search categories help to locate the event(s) quickly: subjects, date or time period, country and congress language. (See button in the navigation bar: Search for events
    For example, a surgery congress held in Switzerland in September 2007 in English may be found by searching under:
    1) Surgery,
    2) September 2007,
    3) Switzerland and / or
    4) English.

  • Further information may be obtained from the congress organizer using the link to the relevant page.

  • Congress organizers may check for the availability of dates to avoid clashes. The event can be registered directly on-line. See function Publish / edit your events. Not registered events organizer may need to register first on the page `New Registration`.

  • Sponsors may receive additional information and substantial benefits. Further details are provided by VetContact.

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